The World Changing Ideas Of 2017 From global democracy to creating a new fish-based food system, nine ideas that could change the world for the better in 2017 and beyond.

Illustrations: Emmanuel IhonreILLUSTRATIONS: Emmanuel Ihonre
BY Emmanuel Ihonre7 MINUTE READ
It’s hard to talk about moving the world forward when so much energy is being expended just trying to keep it from sliding backward. But while battles rage against the current administration’s anti-progress policies, the whole fight can’t just revolve around forestalling them. We must also create an alternate vision and be ready to implement it when the time comes. To that end, we’ve collected nine big ideas–from replacing factory farms with fish farms to creating a true global democracy–that can help us imagine the kind of world we can build once we elect leaders who will enact the revolutionary changes necessary to create a sustainable and more equitable future. These stories should give you hop…

the world is about to change faster

The World Is About to Change Even FasterHaving trouble keeping up? The pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating. By emmanuel ihonre 21-august-2017 We sometimes take for granted that which is right before our collective nosesCreative destruction caused by technology is so rampant that it is practically a cliche. It is easy to ignore not only the speed at which disruption caused by technology is affecting society, but the acceleration in the pace of change. This acceleration and its effect on markets, companies and labor is astonishing. I was reminded of this during the holiday weekend, when I saw the film "The Big Sick." Loosely based on the real life of Kumail Nanjiani, perhaps best known for his role as Dinesh on HBO's "Silicon Valley," it accidentally reveals how quickly things are changing. Nanjiani plays an aspiring stand-up comedian who now is also an Uber driver during the day. Much of the film is based on events that took place a decade earlier…